Name: BoBoiBoy

Age: 11 years old

Powers: Earth, Wind, Lightning and the ability to split into 3.

Likes: Soccer and "The Adventure of Bobos" TV show

Hates: Adu Du the alien.

Family Members:

Tok Aba (grandfather)


Ying, Yaya, Gopal and Ochobot

BoBoiBoy lives with his grandfather Tok Aba who owns a traditional coffee shop. Sometimes he has to help his grandfather at the shop before going out to meet his friends. Though smart and agile, BoBoiBoy is quite mischievous and likes to play little pranks on his friends. Despite that he will not hesitate to fight aliens, monsters and robots to defend his family and friends.His pastime includes watching his favourite action hero show "Bobos" and a game of Soccer with Gopal.


BoBoiBoy LightningEdit

A Transformation of the main BoBoiBoy, In this form, He still wears the same outfit when he was together only the color is Orange.He can only project Lightning Sword and throw it on his foe, Later evolved into BoBoiBoy Storm.

BoBoiBoy LandEdit

A Transformation of the 3 BoBoiBoy, In this form, He wears the same outfit as the main Boboiboy but instead of a Orange Scheme, It is Red instead. He can project earthquakes, landslides and turn his fists into fist-like rocks whom he called Sands of Hands in Episode 11. Later Evolved into BoBoiBoy Earthquake.

BoBoiBoy WindEdit

A Transformation of the 3 BoBoiBoy. He wears a Yellow scheme instead of Orange. He can project strong Wind currents,Tornadoes. Later evolved into BoBoiBoy Cyclone.
  • BoBoiBoy Cyclone
  • BoBoiBoy Storm
  • BoBoiBoy Earthquake
  • BoBoiBoy Wind, BoBoiBoy Land and BoBoiBoy Lightning
  • BoBoiBoy

Yeah Awesome

—BoBoiBoy's catchphrase